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25 March 2009: ModelDriven.org Announces the Availability of a new Open Source Project: ModelPro. Model Driven Solutions to Provide Support

26 January 2009: Ed Seidewitz' Article "What Models Mean" Chosen Among IEEE Software Magazine's 25th-Anniversary Top Picks


Upcoming Events:

16 April : Model Driven Solutions is a sponsor of the US Federal Government Industry Advisory Council (IAC) ArchitecturePlus Seminar in Washington, DC

27 April-1 May: Ed Harrington is presenting: "Open Source Tooling for Implementing OMG's new SoaML Standard" at the Open Group Quarterly Architecture Practitioners Conference in London, England, UK

31 May-2 June: Model Driven Solutions is a small business sponsor of the US Federal Government Industry Advisory Council (IAC) Management of Change (MOC) Conference, Norfolk, VA

2-5 June: Wen Zhu is leading a BOF and Dr. Walt Melo is presenting at JavaOne at the Mascone Center, San Francisco, CA



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Model Driven Solutions

Enterprise Component Development & Delivery

Business Agility

Business agility requires close communication and colaboration among divisions, suppliers, customers, and partners. Business imperatives demand a scalable, multi-tiered, model drive and service oriented architecture.

Model Driven Solutions consultants will work with you to understand your Business strategy and to determine your technology requirements to implement that strategy.

Using Model Driven and Service Oriented Architecture methoidologies, combined with Semantic Web capablities, the Model Driven Solutions team will develop a component-based collaboration architecture - an architecture tuned for distributed Service Orientation., Using the latest standards-based tools, we will develop a detailed application and technology architectural plan that ensures that your infrastructure meets your business demands today, and provides the flexibility to meet the unforeseen demands of tomorrow.

Model Driven Solutions can assist you with implementing this architecture, as well. Our ability to combine rapid prototyping with solid architecture provides you with robust solutions quickly.

Model Driven Solutions is dedicated to designing, developing, and implementing architectures that are lasting business assets.

Application development never takes place in a vacuum

Model Driven Solutions' consultants will work with you to determine not merely what the application must achieve, but how it fits into both your current architecture and your future business and infrastructure plans.

We will develop Model Driven, Service Oriented components that will meet your current needs as well as fir your future requirements. We will work with your IT staff in development. Wewill provide our services on either a time and materials or on a fixed price basis.

Whether you prefer a "turn-key" or a collaborative approach, Model Driven Solutions will ensure that any applications development is built on a solid foundation that makes your applications lasting assets as your needs grow and change.

Model Driven Solutions has in-depth experience in developing service-based solutions that integrate with other applications - and can converse with other companies' systems - to become part of your enterprise solutions.

Most Model Driven Solutions applications employ wide-scale middleware distribution technologies (such as Web services, Corba®, XML, HTTP, EJB, ebXML, or .Net). And our automated, model driven, iterative design methodology, used in conjunction with small expert teams, provides results quickly and with the highest quality.

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