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25 March 2009: ModelDriven.org Announces the Availability of a new Open Source Project: ModelPro. Model Driven Solutions to Provide Support

26 January 2009: Ed Seidewitz' Article "What Models Mean" Chosen Among IEEE Software Magazine's 25th-Anniversary Top Picks


Upcoming Events:

16 April : Model Driven Solutions is a sponsor of the US Federal Government Industry Advisory Council (IAC) ArchitecturePlus Seminar in Washington, DC

27 April-1 May: Ed Harrington is presenting: "Open Source Tooling for Implementing OMG's new SoaML Standard" at the Open Group Quarterly Architecture Practitioners Conference in London, England, UK

31 May-2 June: Model Driven Solutions is a small business sponsor of the US Federal Government Industry Advisory Council (IAC) Management of Change (MOC) Conference, Norfolk, VA

2-5 June: Wen Zhu is leading a BOF and Dr. Walt Melo is presenting at JavaOne at the Mascone Center, San Francisco, CA



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Model Driven Solutions

Our Management Team brings over 100 years of industry leadership, experience and expertise to solving our client's business and technology problems

Cory Casanave: President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Casanave is an accomplished information technology senior executive with more than 20 years’ experience at all levels of product and application development and management. He is seasoned in researching and developing solutions, products, standards, and methods with intimate, first-hand knowledge of technology evolution as a chief decision maker. As a key collaborator, Mr. Casanave is adept at communicating at all organizational levels, sharing and collecting insights for maximized, collective understanding of critical objectives and effective execution of plans. He is a visionary leader, adept at developing a compelling vision and sharing insights with key contributors to help organizations achieving their vision. Complementary expertise and track record in project management with hands-on development of cutting-edge products and applications. He is an excellent strategic planner with decisive ability to define processes that affect results positively. Mr. Casanave is a member of the Board of Directors of the OMG.

Ed Harrington: Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Harrington has more than 30 years varied business experience. Currently, he is responsible for all operational aspects of Model Driven Solutions. Prior to joining Model Driven Solutions, Ed was Vice President of Business Development and Strategy for NEXOR, a UK based developer of high tolerance messaging and directory solutions. Prior to that, he served as director, i500 Americas for ICL, the then market leader in X.500 directory solutions.  Prior to ICL, Ed spent 17 years at General Electric in various marketing and finance management roles.  Mr. Harrington is currently Chair of the OMG-Open Group-IC Joint TOGAF-MDA Synergy Working Group and Vice Chair of the Open Group Architecture Forum. He is a past Chair of the Open Group’s Directory Interoperability Forum and its Mobile Management Forum. Mr. Harrington holds a B.A. in Economics from Holy Cross and is a graduate of the GE Financial Management and Manager Development Programs. 

Ed Seidewitz: Vice President, Model Driven Architecture Services

Mr. Seidewitz leads all customer focused professional services business efforts. He and his team focus on the creation and execution of Enterprise Architecture strategies for Model Driven Solutions clients. He was formerly Chief Architect for InteliData, a developer of Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment (EBPP) solutions where he oversaw the strategic InteliWorks product-line architecture and had the lead role in applying best-practice modeling, architecture and development process methods. Prior to that, he held a number of positions leading professional services efforts in modeling, architecture and development. He has nearly 20 years of professional experience with object-oriented software development and software systems architecture.

Tom Digre: Vice President, Development

Mr. Digre has more than 32 years’ experience developing software for enterprise architecture. His expertise is centered in enterprise architecture; standards (both authoring and implementing); model-driven architecture; Unified Modeling Language (UML); metadata, metamodels, and related tooling and facilities, including OMG-MOF; code generation and dynamic execution from models; automating the development process; distributed-object and internet technologies (including Corba, Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) and Extensible Markup Language (XML); and bridging from architecture and design to implementation. In addition, Mr. Digre has helped with innovations to meta model facilities, model execution engines, advanced technology research projects, code generators, CASE tools, application architectures, manufacturing systems, operating systems, and compilers.

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